singapore day two – second instalment

the first instalment of day two can be found on my facebook page. this set mostly features buildings, though i have begun, tentatively, to photograph human subjects. or at least include them in the compositions. and in keeping with the theme of the workshop, there’s some food too.


fancy centre

not just any fancy centre…the new fancy centre



sign painting in little india


little india

little india. what this photo can’t describe are the smells, which, even at nine in the morning, were heavenly



lasalle college of the arts – this is our HQ during the workshop. many more photos of it to come. the architects won an award for it, deservedly


little india second storey

back-stepping slightly, this is still little india – across a big main road from the art college.


lasalle close

looking out of the library, which is on the fourth floor. there are six wings, connected by bridges and flyovers, all designed to look like a big stone that has broken into pieces. i think.


reflecty bits

reflect-y bits


more lasalle close

the roof, the outer shell part of the roof, is all swoop-y canvas, like a circus big-top



one of my classmates approaching the sofas in our gallery/workspace


christine jumping

and then jumping on them


a pool up there

there’s a pool up there, on the roof. this building is near our hostel. i sorta wish it was our hostel



this is an example of kueh, which is means ‘sweet cake’. custard-y on top, glutinous riceshot through with victoria bluebell flower petals below. i managed to restrict myself to two. i wanted seventeen


stay tuned for day three, as well as a few nighttime shots from day one. the adventure continues…


first day in singapore

right, i made it to singapore without incident. in fact, the flight was so comfortable, all twelve hours of it, that i might only ever fly to places i can get to on singapore airlines from now on. also, the plane was an airbus 380-800, the biggest passenger jet in the world, for you airplane trivia buffs. um, what follows is a set of the photos from my first day. the theme of the workshop i’m taking part in is food, or rather masak-masak, which is a malay term for ‘make-believe cooking and child’s play’, so most of these photos, you’ll notice, are of food or one sort or another. i may take some photos of something else while i’m here, but then, i may not. ok, on with the show.

luna over 142 devonport road

this isn’t singapore, this is plymouth, the morning i left to start this new adventure.

view out the back of ICL

this too is not singapore. this is the view out of my hotel room in london.

of all the things i could photograph on my first trip ever to an asian city, it had to be a load of numbers painted on the road.

cap'n crunch sir

two of the student volunteers, robin and gladys, took me to carrefour, which is the most western of the supermarkets in the city. among other things, i found, but did not  purchase, peanut butter crunch. aye cap’n.


…bacon spam, hot & spicy spam, black pepper spam, spam lite, reduced sodium spam…and plain old spam spam…

kaya toast

my first proper singaporean eating experience: kaya toast and teh C. kaya is a delicious coconut jam, and teh C is hot tea with evaporated milk and sugar. had this at a place called toast box, which is a cafe devoted to toast.

hotel view

remember the view from my room in london? this is the view from my room in singapore.

chicken rice

my lunch: chicken rice. pretty much what it says on the tin – roast chicken, sticky rice, nice greens and a hard-boiled egg. and soup. and a killer chili sauce. and very cheap – approx. £2.50

lasalle building

the exterior of Lasalle College of the Arts, the institution that’s putting on Tropical Lab. reminds me of the Roland Levinsky Building, which houses the art department at Plymouth. different architects, though.

lasalle undergrad gallery

one of the five, yes five gallery spaces that Lasalle has on its campus.


and finally, the top of a crane reflected in one of the lasalle windows. ok, that’s it for day one. well, there might be a few more as i have been out to have dinner yet, but it will be getting dark soon, so that’s probably it until tomorrow.

mount wise pools – 8 september 2011

no diving

no running

no ballgames

no consumption of alcoholic beverages

no waiting

durnford hotel, durnford street, stonehouse

durnford hotel

derelict WWII fuel oil depot near cremyll

another blurry picture of a the side of a building