i am an artist.

and a barman, and a cook, and a graphic designer, and an uncle, and a son, and an ex-husband, and an ex-boyfriend, and a sort of vaguely defined not-really-step-dad friend thing, and a van driver, and a roadie, and a guitar player, and a dishwasher, and a pizza delivery guy, and a brother, and a brother-in-law, and a picture framer, and an incense seller, and a student, and a cinema ticket-taker, and a merchandiser, and a writer of bad poetry, and a cousin, and a nephew, and a census-taker, and a record store clerk, and a dj, and an extra pair of hands.

definitions aren’t really important.

i make drawings with pencils, charcoal, ink and dry pastels and chalk.

i make paintings with oils.

i make prints: monotype, woodcut, linocut, and on rare occasion, etching.

i make collages with all of the above media.

i like photocopiers and scanners.

please browse the pages of this site to see examples of my work. please visit the post page for examples of my thought processes. and please do feel free to respond to anything.


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